Welder Helper

Use Welder Helper to maximize your scores and get out of jams.  Get the most out of your saved gold tiles or find a word that will clear a locked tile.  Search for a pattern of letters, words that contain specific letters, words within a word, or dictionary lookup.  Customized for the Welder game using only words of 4 to 8 characters and excluding proper nouns.  No ads or in app purchases.

Welder Helper provides four search options:

Find Letter Pattern:
This option searches for words that match the pattern of the letters entered.  
Use ?s for single character wild cards and *s for any length wild cards.

The pattern: B??R?ED finds all 7 letter words that begin with B, have an R as the fourth letter and end in ED

The pattern: *ATE finds all words (4 to 8 letters long) that end in ATE.

You can mix and match both ?s and *s in a search pattern. 

Find Word:
This option searches for words that contain the entered letters regardless of placement in the word.

For example: QINGLY finds all 8 letter words that have any of the characters QINGL or Y.  Only words with 4 or more matching letters are returned.  You can adjust the minimum matches (default of 4) using Options from the main screen. 

Lookup Word:
Use this option to quickly check if a word is available for welding.

Words in Word:
Use this option to see if a longer word contains any subwords that are valid; avoid forming words by accident.

Welder Helper Dictionary:
The dictionary used is customized to exclude words that WELDER does not accept; for example, proper names.  If you believe a word needs to be added to the helper dictionary, please send the word using the Contact Us page.